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Are Saying About Our HypnoBirthing Program

"Easy to understand and implement.” Very beneficial to help the mother relax and feel confident about the birthing process.” 

“As an obstetrician, your ultimate aim is for a healthy mother and a healthy baby after the pregnancy and delivery. However if you can enhance the woman’s experience so that she is less fearful, more in control and can manage to achieve that much desired intervention-free labour, then this is a fantastic outcome.

With many hundreds of my patients having undertaken this childbirth preparation I am definitely impressed by the way it helps enhance a woman’s chances of having a safe and natural delivery.”
Dr. Peter Jurcevic, Obstetrician and Maternal Foetal Medicine Specialist, Melbourne


"Our birth was a really beautiful experience. Meditation became a daily routine and I felt this made me relax as I was quite nervous about the birth. I was surprisingly calm throughout the whole experience. I thank you so much for taking us through the HypnoBirthing program. It helped me deal with the situation really well. Take care and thanks again."
"I always imagined that having a baby was going to be an incredibly painful experience that I would want to forget. I heard about HypnoBirthing and thought it was worth looking into.
My husband and I attended the classes and found it was a fantastic way to prepare us both for child birth.
I have now had two children and feel so lucky that I had the experiences I did. 
During the birthing process, I felt so in control and efficient. I kept focusing on what Hypnobirthing had taught me and I could understand what was happening and what my body was doing. Especially after my second child, I felt so empowered and happy with myself! It was so amazing that it was almost like I could do it over again!
I often talk to my friends about having babies and they talk about how painful it was. I feel so lucky that my experiences and memories are so wonderful."
"As my husband and I aimed for a natural vaginal birth we were told that proper preparation was essential, so we went for HypnoBirthing. I didn’t realise how much I would need the tools I learned from Hypnobirthing throughout my 28 hour labour. Because my baby got stuck at 9.5 cm dilation for several hours, I ended up using syntocin to keep the intensity of my contractions going. Syntocin was administered for around 7 hours before my baby came out. 
I don’t think I would have made it through if it weren’t for the HypnoBirthing breathing and visualisation techniques combined with the TENS machine (which I also learned about in the classes). The result – a perfectly healthy baby who started breastfeeding immediately. Thanks to Kathy who was a wonderful instructor!"